Polaris ACE Rear 2" Reciever
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Polaris ACE Rear 2" Reciever

Price: $64.99
  • Item #: EMP-12489-REC
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Polaris ACE Rear 2” Receiver Hitch P/N: 12489

  • Fits: 2014-15 Sportsman ACE
  • Accepts standard 2” Tube hitch/winch mount etc.
  • Laser Cut and CNC Formed to insure a perfect fit.
  • Made with 3/16” thick American Steel.


    Now, you can insert a standard 2” receiver into the rear of your ACE. This mounts above the stock hitch using four bolts provided.

    Warning/Caution: Please, refer to your vehicles owner ‘s manual for the vehicles towing capacity. This item will not increase your towing capacity.


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