PRP RZR High Back Suspension Seat (Sold in Pairs)
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PRP RZR High Back Suspension Seat (Sold in Pairs)

Price: $598.00
  • Item #: PRP-Highback
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Canada
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This seat has been redesigned to bolt to the factory seat pan allowing the user to adjust the seat farther back or forward depending on their size. This seat was designed so a person 6’4” and 280lbs would comfortable fit in the RZR and not hit their knee on the dash. It can also be slid forward for smaller drivers.

Made to clip into the Polaris RZR with out changing the stock mounting. 

• Benefits:

  • Totally customizable
  • Added comfort and safety
  • Easiest install in the industry (less than ten minutes per seat)
  • Slotted for 4-point twin harness with two neck slots (unless ordered differently)
  • Easy access to rear slot to release latch
  • Allows more room than other RZR seats, maximizing recline and minimizing seating height




     Sold In Pairs´╗┐

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