Twisted Stitch Vortex V4.0 Seats For Polaris RZR
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PRP RZR GT SE 50/50 Front Bench Seat

Price: $1,199.99
  • Item #: PRP-XP1000-BENCH
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PRP Seat's innovative 50/50 front bench now with GT S.E styling and larger harness openings.

Finally a bench seat for the front of a RZR XP 1000!!!! One person can easily install and remove.  PRP designed a comfortable bench seat with side support and a down ward sloping bottom cushion so the occupant does not feel like they are sliding out of front of the seat.   PRP then took that bench and cut it in half so each piece is much easier to handle and install.  The RZR XP 1000 50/50 is much more comfortable for larger people.  The lower side supports provide much more sitting surface, yet still provides much more support then stock.


RZR LIFE Embroidery optional

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