HD Beadlock Matte Black (set of 4)
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HD Beadlock Matte Black (set of 4)

Price: $349.99
  • Item #: STI-HB123
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STI Tire & Wheel has now added a dramatic Matte Black finish to the HD Beadlock wheel line. This new wheel model gives ATV and UTV owners even more customization choices, at the same unbeatable bang for the buck the entire HD Alloy line is known for.

The new Matte Black HD Beadlock joins the existing gunmetal gray Slik-Kote and Bright Machined finishes. This wheel features a unique integral-mount beadlock ring, which is quick to install, adds considerable strength to the outer lip, and is engineered to reduce debris buildup. Most importantly, the ring helps ensure the tire bead stays on the wheel, even when using lower pressures and applying high side loading. HD Beadlocks also utilize an even thicker, stronger reinforced “rock crusher” inner bead lip, making these the most rugged wheels available. And as with every STI HD Alloy wheel, this model comes with a new, matching, low profile center cap. The STI HD Beadlock is offered in 12×7 and 14×7 sizes, value-priced for budget-minded enthusiasts who want to step up to the performance benefits of a beadlock wheel.

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